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Global GreenTag International announces Dr Nana Bortsie-Aryee as new Program Director

Important changes are afoot at Global GreenTag International ...

An invigorating new chapter begins for Global GreenTag International with the appointment of Dr Nana Bortsie-Aryee to Program Director, the lead role of Global GreenTag's product certification programs. Dr Bortsie-Aryee, a Sustainability and Strategy specialist with deep expertise in LCA commenced the role on May 15th . He takes over the position from David Baggs, co-founder of Global GreenTag and Global GreenTag CertTM who shall continue as the company's CEO and lead on development projects unfolding to serve the Circular Economy.

As the new Global GreenTag Program Director, Dr Bortsie-Aryee (Nana) is now responsible for overseeing all Standards and Certification related technical aspects of the current Global GreenTag Product Assessment systems, including ongoing development of the Global GreenTag Product Certification Standards, Global GreenTagCertTM, the Global GreenTag EPD, Product Health Declaration (PHD) and Modern Slavery Transparency Declaration (MSD) programs.

Announcing Nana's appointment, CEO of Global GreenTag, David Baggs said:

"Mary-Lou Kelly our Managing Director and I are thrilled that Nana has accepted this mission. He is a strong leader and accumulated 6 years of experience working in different positions on the Global GreenTag Certification team. Nana is a passionate advocate, hands on the ground practitioner for sustainable change, as well as being a highly qualified LCA specialist, accomplished and rigorous product researcher."

Nana will continue to be mentored by David Baggs as he moves into his new role. He said:

"I am proud to be working with one of the most advanced and boundary breaking product certification bodies in the world. I am excited for the opportunity to continue growing this central part of Global GreenTag's operations, and working with the emerging needs of some inspiring manufacturers who are pushing the boundaries of green product manufacturing."

"I have intentionally stayed with GreenTag since starting in 2017 because of its commitment to being an exceptional certification body that not only provides scientifically backed, third party product assessment and certification processes, which are intensively audited every year against strict international standards but also for an unwavering focus to development in the product certification field. This is what I most value because it is needed to help shape a healthier world.

Highlighting and validating differences between products that are sustainable and ethically manufactured and those that are not, yet claim to be, misinform the market and our planet and supply chains struggle as a result.

"Importantly, I hope to contribute further to the education and inspiration of more manufacturers to address and evaluate their processes and see the changes that they can make to produce healthier and more sustainable products."

In his previous position, Nana who was born in Ghana in Africa, was concurrently Global GreenTag's Head of Certification Team, Research and Auditing as well as EPD Program Manager and involved in business development of Global GreenTag Africa. His responsibilities have included developing life cycle inventory, LCA consultant management, technical research, certification collateral production and reporting and working with client technical and factory representatives to achieve certification under the Green Tag Standards.

Prior to Global GreenTag, Nana held a considerable track record in sustainability on the global stage in both developed and developing countries, applying his skills as an LCA and industrial ecology researcher and solutions provider in projects from Africa to the United States to Germany, Eastern Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Nana's interests encompass the growth of renewable energy systems, clean technologies, sustainable waste management, sustainable water management, industrial material flow management and regional material flow management. He is experienced in planning and implementation of transdisciplinary sustainable projects, sustainability assessments and strategy development, including material flow analysis and comprehensive data management.

Nana has also authored and co-authored publications concerned with the integration of Life Cycle Analysis thinking and practices. He holds a number of degrees, including a Bachelor of Science from the University of Ghana, two Masters degrees from Germany and Japan and his Doctorate from the University of Otago, New Zealand.

Global GreenTag's product certification standards and reputation have earned the trust of thousands of buyers, hundreds of companies and numerous green building councils, certification bodies and governments around the world. The company currently has over 16,000 products certified with GreenTag programs from more than 230 manufacturers, produced in factories in over 22+ countries.
As a company, Global GreenTag as a company and certification body, has being named one of the Top 100 Most Trusted Building Sector Brands in Australia, assisting with the advancement and uptake of healthy, ethical and environmentally conscious products.

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