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Global GreenTag Africa joins the 'Get Nature Positive' movement!

Global GreenTag Africa joined #GetNaturePositive so we can continue to get to know and improve our impact on our planet.

Global GreenTag Africa is now part of a sustainability movement that includes over 150 organisations and companies from around the globe! The movement invites all its members to understand their environmental impacts and to find opportunities to reduce harm, always seeking to protect, restore and regenerate nature!

The 'Get Nature Positive' group has been created to help businesses prepare for and navigate the pioneering and global effort to change the curve of nature and biodiversity losses.

"Conservation of our natural resources is a must and Global GreenTag Africa is committed to sustainable development and actions that will accelerate it," says Lizette Swanevelder, Director of Global GreenTag Africa.

The 'Get Nature Positive' Group has created a toolkit to support its new members: titled 'A Guide to Get Nature Positive' sheds light on how businesses can collaborate with the movement with the first focus on reducing harm to nature. Then, businesses are guided to work to deliver a net gain for the environment.

Moreover, the group has developed the 'Get Nature Positive HandBook.' It includes a four-step journey for CEOs to better understand the impact of human actions and what can be done to prevent biodiversity loss and protect nature.

Among the 'Get Nature Positive' supporters, iconic companies have already joined the group, such as Burberry, Coca-Cola EuroPacific Partners, Heathrow Airport, Nestle and PepsiCo.

"We particularly resonate with Get Nature Positive's statement that, as the interdependence between business and nature becomes increasingly evident, we should work together to protect the natural world," said Lizette Swanevelder. I would add that collaboration and greater transparency are also key. Global GreenTag Africa looks forwards to the journey and very proud to be a part of this collective mission to bring about the changes that we all want to see."

To learn more about 'Get Nature Positive' and to consider joining this movement for yourself, visit their website:

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