TOP 3 Benefits:
• Health & Ecotoxicity
• Multipurpose Product
• Made in South Africa

Optimusbio’s OPTIMUS PURE SUPER CLEAN is a biologically active cleaner with enhanced degreasing activity for heavy duty cleaning. Ideal for use in all washable cleaning applications, including spot cleaning, deep cleaning, laundry pre-wash, removal of food fats, oils, greases and more. The product enables the start of the water treatment process at source and enhances all downstream biological water treatment systems

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This product is certified as Bronze Only. Issues of Concern / Red Light Comments: The products have successfully passed the GreenTag Health and Ecotoxicity Risk Assessment Process with issues of concern or red lights comments existing regarding the toxicity of the products. The post evaluation risk of these substances have been classified as ‘Low’ as both OptimusBio and their suppliers have sufficient measures in place to minimize risk. The product is not considered safe for ingestion and should not come in contact with the eyes in its concentrated form. It should not be directly disposed of into natural waterways.


LCARate bronze

GreenTag LCARate bronze

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GreenRate Level b

GreenTag GBCSA Level b

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Cleaning Products Standard Version v1.1

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