Solution Dyed Tufted Nylon, Bitumen backed carpet tile


Solution Dyed Tufted Nylon, Bitumen backed carpet tile

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Health & Ecotoxicity
• Low VOC Emission
• Made in South Africa

MONN tufted carpet tiles are available in a range of solutions that are suitable for all commercial applications.

The MONN Carpet tiles are a highly-textured and structured loop-pile, loose-lay, carpet tile with a linear motif. It provides sound insulation and has low VOC emissions that improve indoor air quality. The solution-dyed Nylon 6 fibre provides good durability and colour fastness and ensures the longevity of the product.

More information:

The product is GBCSA Level B Certified under Scheme B4 .
The scope of certification includes Mura, Flux, Bureau, Strada, Planc, Edge, Charter.
Issues of Concern/Red Lights (if needed): The products have successfully passed the relevant GreenTag Standard’s Cautionary Assessment Process and no issues of concern or red lights comments exist regarding the toxicity of the products.


GreenRate Level b

GreenTag GBCSA Level b

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Certified under:

Global GreenTag Standard v4.0

Rating tools relevance:

Green Star SATM 'Interiors' Version 1:
o Mat-4: Flooring

WELL V1.0 Features- IWBI:
o Feature 04 VOC Reduction
o Feature 25 Toxic Material Reduction Part 1 Perfluorinated Compound Limitation

WELL V2.0 Features- IWBI:
o Feature X11 Long-Term Emission Control
o Feature X13 Enhanced Material Precaution