Siniat EasyBoard


Siniat EasyBoard

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Health & Ecotoxicity
• Fit for purpose Certified
• Healthy VOC Levels

Siniat EasyBoards are versatile and lightweight. They can be used for domestic and commercial ceiling applications as well as walling/partitioning applications. The range has 6.4mm, 9mm & 12mm  standard plasterboard. Siniat EasyBoard is also used to make prefabricated bulkheads, curved ceilings (barrel), radiused walls among other innovative applications.


LCARate bronze

GreenTag LCARate bronze

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GreenRate Level b

GreenTag GBCSA Level b

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Global GreenTag Standard v3.2

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GreenStar SA 'Interiors v1' Rating Tools Credits:
o MAT: Assemblies Level B
o MAT: Wall Coverings Level B