Biosolve GP


Biosolve GP

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Health & Ecotoxicity
• Multipurpose Product
• Made in South Africa

Envirochem’s Biosolve GP is a microbial Collective demonstrating enzyme performance for use in multiple applications. It exhibits a broad range of degradation capabilities needed for a multi-purpose product that will effectively maintain drain lines and grease traps, improving septic and waste degradation. The bacillus consortium in Biosolve GP and the Ready to Use option Biosolve GP-RTU, will produce specific enzymes that will ensure digestion of key organic contaminants in drain lines, grease traps, septic systems. It can be used as a surface cleaner in ablution facilities and is safe for use on all surfaces.

It can be applied to floors with no rinse required.

More information:

This product is certified as Bronze Only. Issues of Concern/Red Lights Comments: The products have successfully passed the GreenTag Health and Ecotoxicity Risk Assessment Process with issues of concern or red lights comments existing regarding the toxicity of the products. The post evaluation risk of these substances have been classified as ‘Low’ as both Envirochem and their suppliers have sufficient measures in place to minimize risk. The product is not considered safe for ingestion and should not come in contact with the eyes or skin in its concentrated form. Envirochem prescribes the use of goggles, gloves and long-sleeved shirts when using this product. It should not be directly disposed of into natural waterways.


LCARate bronze

GreenTag LCARate bronze

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Cleaning Products Standard Version v1.1

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