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Your One-stop Certification for all needs

Whether you want to create a safe and healthy environment for a client family, demonstrate design, facilities management or procurement leadership or meet the needs of a green project or performance rating tool, Global GreenTagCertTM is your solution.

As the only third party certification recognised by all major green building, interiors, operations and infrastructure rating tools, our ACCC approval and Certification Mark status is unique in the sector,  providing the evidence you need for all current rating tool, green design, procurement, facilities management and specifier needs.

Recognised In South Africa by GBCSA for all projects and all construction, interior and green cleaning products as relevant within the following rating tools:

  • Green Star SA® Interiors

Recognised internationally for building, interiors, room amenity and other consumables, cleaning, hygiene and amenities products as relevant by:

  • Green Mark® International– Singapore BCA’s international tool incl Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam,
  • MyHIJAU – Malaysian Government’s Green Technology Corporation
  • EarthCheck® – 0ver 70 countries
  • Green Star ® Australia
  • Green Star NZ® & Home Star® New Zealand

Compliant with credits for:

  • LEED v4.0 – USA, Australia, India, China & 140 other countries
  • BREEAM International – UK and more than 40 other countries

GreenTag’s universal recognition makes your task a whole lot easier by simplifying product research, minimising risk and providing a single access point for all documentation needs.

You can trust GreenTag Certified Products

GreenTag- the key to the door

What is Global GreenTag?

Many commercial projects seek Green Star certification, but even when they don’t, companies are still pursuing what they call ‘Best Practice’ and are requiring GreenTag Certification, with the outcome that around 70% of all our sales are for GreenTag certified products”.

Mary Holmes, Living Edge

As one of Australia’s Top 100 Most Trusted Brands, using GreenTag Certified products is smart business 

GreenTag LCARate’s  ‘beyond LCA’ methodology is the world’s first  ‘net positive’ and ‘circular economy’ metric. This means that when the GreenTag EcoPOINT shows a minus score, it tells you that the product is taking back existing harm and restoring natural ecosystems or making rooms healthier. When its The EcoPOINT score is zero it is impact neutral.

greentag scorecard

One label to suit all your needs.

Whether its family health, fit for purpose safety, productivity gains, rating scheme compliance or leadership in green design or purchasing you seek, Global GreenTag is the solution for your needs. A genuinely independent, Type 1 Ecolabel with third party Quality Certification, GreenTag demands full disclosure from manufacturers for all levels of certification.

GreenTag delivers a range of information to suit every need from simple, intuitive level ‘Tags’ , to LCARate Product ‘Nutrition-label’ Scorecards and then professional Life Cycle Analysis Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reporting and Green Building Council compliant GreenRate certification, there is no easier way to compare and select the perfect product for your needs.

Our Stakeholder Engagement processes for Standards Development and our EPD program are world class and ISO compliant and our Certification , Tags and Product Scorecard  documentation is designed to make busy professionals’ lives easier.

Meet Romily, CEO, GBCA:

GBCA CEO Romilly Madew
GreenTag is recognised in numerous countries ©Brendan Read

The GBCA recognises the importance of independent, well-governed third party certification schemes ‎such as Global Green Tag to verify best practice, improve procurement processes and contribute to green fitout, building and community ratings and sustainable places for everyone. GreenTag GreenRate is already recognised within the Green Star rating tools and industry collaboration with GBCs and third party certifiers can help to reduce environmental impacts across the Asia Pacific.”

Romilly Madew, Chief Executive Officer, Green Building Council of Australia

Our manufacturers
are the heroes of this story


We are endlessly impressed by the willingness and commitment of manufacturers to do the right thing when shown better ways or products.

Graham is the technical manager of a carpet manufacturer, who when informed of an unhealthy chemical in their product during assessment, jumped right in and within weeks did the research and changed out the problem ingredient for a safe alternative.  Graham ended up with a better product and a GreenTag Gold rating and his customers received healthy carpet.

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