The Product Scorecard Explained

The Product Scorecard Is like a ‘nutrition-label’  on your food, only it tells you how sustainable a product is.

The easiest way to understand how good a product is in each of the six Sustainability Assessment Criteria (SAC) is to look at the length of the green arrow for each criteria.

The longer the arrow and darker the green, the better the product has performed (note the artwork shown below is being updated currently to match this statement).

If you want to know more accurately, then you can look at each SAC EcoPOINT score. These are numbers typically between -1 and +1.

+1 = a worst case ‘Business as Usual’ product

0 = a Planet and health neutral product, with excellent ethics

-1 = a product that takes existing impacts away from the environment making the world a better, healthier fairer place. It is a ‘Net Positive’ product.


 GGT Scorecard explained

What does it all mean?


  • Synergy
    • Building and Interior products: the product has the potential to make building, interior or infrastructure more efficient by making the design, other elements or technologies, more effective.
    • Personal and Cleaning products: the product has multiple functions or multi-function, innovative packaging or other novel functions.
  • Health & Ecotoxicity
    • The healthiness of the product relating to people and natural systems at every stage of the product’s life cycle.
  • Biodiversity
    • How the product impacts or benefits ecosystems and animals.
  • LCA Score
    • A weighted Eco-indicator 99 average that includes 10 fully quantified, scientific, life cycle assessment criteria.
  • Greenhouse Gas
    • The extent the product impacts or benefits climate change and its effects. The actual kilograms of carbon dioxide (or equivalents) is shown also.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • The ethical behaviour of a company and its supply chain when it comes to employment practices like,  no child or slave labour, pay and conditions, occupational health and safety, truth in marketing and socially or ecologically restorative programs or engagement with social enterprises.

What is the GreenTag EcoPOINT?

  • It is the weighted average of all Sustainability Assessment Criteria. It is a single number that demonstrates the overall sustainability of a product and is how the level of certification is awarded. Importantly, together with the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum rating, it allows you to compare any other certified product that performs the same function.
  • It allows you to answer the question, “which product is more sustainable?” from a group of e.g. dissimilar flooring products like carpet, ceramic tiles, rubber, cork, vinyl, timber etc. and for the first time ever, get a scientifically valid answer.
  • Like the individual criteria scores it ranges typically from -1 for ‘Net Positive’ products to 0 for ‘Net Neutral’  products to +1 for worst case ‘Business as Usual’ products typically in use.

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