Siniat Plasterboard


Siniat Plasterboard

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Health & Ecotoxicity
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Local Sourcing

There are three types of  Plasterboard available from Marley Building Systems, under the Siniat brand name:

Siniat Standard Plasterboards are versatile and lightweight. They can be used for domestic and commercial ceiling applications as well as walling/partitioning applications. The range has 6.4mm, 9mm & 12mm standard plasterboard..Siniat 6.4mm

Siniat Technical Plasterboards range; Siniat FireCheck Plasterboard & the Siniat Moisture Check Plasterboard.  The Siniat Fire Resistant Plasterboard ( FireCheck Board) is recommended for use in areas where additional fire resistance is required.

Siniat Moisture Check Plasterboard is recommended for use in all wet areas such as bathroom showers. Siniat Moisture Check Plasterboard is supported with special additives in the core, to retard the absorption rate of moisture, ensuring that the Siniat Plasterboard maintains its high performance level over time. It is available in 12mm & 15mm thick plasterboard.


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